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My Background

I was born and raised in Florida until I married in 1984 to a servicemember. In 1999, the military moved us to Colorado where I fell in love with the beauty and finally felt at home. 

Most of my career was with a major insurance company servicing our military members and their families. It was during this time that I started studying yoga and meditation. In 2009, I took a Primordial Sound workshop which really helped my meditation practice and eventually led me to Reiki. In 2020, I completed Usui Levels Reiki 1 & 2, and in 2021, I completed Usui Master Teacher level.  Since then, I have received training in animal reiki based on Kathleen Prasad's Let Animals Lead philosophy and really enjoy offering reiki to animals. I am a founding member of a mentorship program and teach Reiki in Colorado and surrounding areas. 

In addition to my practice, I volunteer with LifeSpark Cancer Resources who provides free Reiki sessions to empower the cancer patients to their own inner wisdom and healing.


My Approach

Mountain Lake

At Sacred Lotus Reiki & Natural Healing

our intention is to provide Mind-Body-Energy therapy using reiki and other complementary intuitive arts while offering a sacred space for personal-growth and self-healing.

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