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About Me....

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White Light Reiki 

2012 - Barbara Scott, Colorado

Usui Reiki I/II

2019 - Lisa Guyman, Colorado

Reiki Master Teacher

2020 - Lisa Guyman, Colorado

Biofield Therapy


Primordial Sound Meditation 

2009 - Lisa Guyman, Colorado


LifeSpark Cancer Resources

2020 - Colorado

Well....I made it to "middle aged" and I am grateful to be here. This chapter of my story has probably been my best. It has brought wisdom, clarity, understanding, forgiveness, and more importantly, self-love and self-care. Sure, I had challenges along the way; some I triumphed, while others became engrained life lessons that carried me to where I am now. Whole.

I was married for thirty years and served as a military spouse for twenty-two years. I raised two wonderful and talented children and now have two beautiful grandchildren. Combined with living overseas and travel, I have experienced diverse cultures which has shown me that we are all connected. We may look differently, worship differently, dress differently, talk differently, but at our essence, we are all universally connected.


These life experiences have led me to the path of Energy Therapy and I absolutely love sharing Reiki with others. Reiki has helped heal my traumatized soul from childhood and has gifted me my own peace and calm. 

I believe that true strength and power come from within. By breaking down our barriers and embracing our potential, we become empowered to inspire and teach others to do the same. Join me on this journey of self-discovery and let's unlock our potential together.

Thank you so much for being here. I appreciate you! Namaste!

Top view of Reiki symbol with Tibetan bell and rock texture background. (Translation_ Reik
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