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Sacred Lotus Reiki & Natural Healing 

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Providing Energy Therapy using Reiki and other complementary Intuitive Arts while offering a sacred space for personal-healing and personal-growth.

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About Me...

Brenda Dulin
Reiki Master Teacher

I am a Reiki Master Teacher and Founder of Sacred Lotus Reiki & Natural Healing in

Colorado Springs, Colorado. 

Just for Today....

California Pacific Ocean
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"I was feeling very low energy and anxious before starting the reiki session with Brenda. My energy has definitely improved and my anxiety also is much less." 
Beth G.
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"Brenda provided Distant Reiki while I was jogging on a beautiful morning. I felt peaceful energy and saw all the beauty around me. I am grateful for this experience. Brenda has helped me on my "journal of life" by providing tools and resources to live in the present moment."

Teresa S.

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"I absolutely loved my session and found it very helpful.  Brenda is an excellent practitioner.  Thank you!"

Linda K.

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Sacred Lotus Reiki & Natural Healing, LLC  /  Tel. 719-398-5780

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